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Pentrix - Videos


I'm sure you've seen it; some kid in class a couple seats over from you, spinning his pen around and around his thumb, or inbetween two of his fingers. Annoying? No, not unless he keeps dropping it, over, and over, and over. ; )

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon a group of websites, dedicated to enlightening the public to the art (yes, I said art) that is Pen Spinning. The above link will take you to a list of 'tricks' and 'combos' movies that literally look to defy physics and/or gravity. Take a second and be distracted - it might lead to hours of distraction and/or a new hobby for you.

Note: I'm currently stuck, after a week of concerted effort, on the 'sonic' and the 'charge' fundamental tricks. I've gotten the 'fingerpass' (and it's reverse) down fairly well, and finally 'nailed' the Thumbaround last night. : )

Oh - and Happy New Year; welcome to 2k6.



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I'm setting up my del.icio.us account to auto post my online bookmarking activities (in the sidebar to the right), so there shall now be more to read here. Maybe this way I can actually consistently fill this blog with renewable content. :grin:

In case you don't know,
del.icio.us is an online bookmarking community. It's quite simple to use, even though the interface doesn't appear that user friendly. It's incorporation with Firefox has been the final straw to my finally deciding to give it a try.

Now, then, to actually implement my nefarious plot...


New traffic...

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I'm expecting a little cross traffic, so I suppose I should actually start posting. :grin:

Infuriation Update:

Roche said earlier this month that it is prepared to share its technology with other companies and governments under licences to accelerate production, in an apparent change of emphasis in response to huge demand and political pressure for the availability of the medicine to be increased.
via Forbes.com

That's a little more like it.



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I'm in awe...

I read a sentence today in an article about the Bird Flu issue and it instantly incensed me. I don't understand how anyone anywhere can allow an attitude like this to continue when so many millions of lives are at stake. I can't say I'm shocked, but I'm certainly appaled. Here's the sentence...

Meanwhile, large Western drug companies that manufacture antiviral drugs are up in arms over threats by Indian and Chinese companies to make cheap clones.

Who do they think they are, these 'Western drug companies', that they're allowed to complain about others making antiviral meds when there is an antiviral drug shortage? A drug shortage that has the capabilities to kill millions of people? Their greed is putting a sizable chunk of the world's population at risk - possibly even myself! It's ridiculous that they even have the gall to complain about the possibility of a company making a 'cheap clone' antiviral medicine.

The almighty dollar has gotten entirely too strong. I'm off to lose my lunch now.

@#$%ing greedy bastards.




I got a lead on an archive of entertaining web comics yesterday, and spent some time reading through the archive. Quite entertaining, and seemingly drawn with the obsessive motive of nonsense. Cheggitout @ PBF. (Mostly SFW.)

Also, I wandered upon the
Pop vs Soda website - an experiment in regional dialectual decisions. This page shows the country's preferences, interactively complete with statistics. I grew up outside of Detroit, saying 'pop' exclusively,which changed when I ventured into the midwest and my vocab became amalgamated and soda took over.

this great article via Lifehacker. If you're not familiar with Firefox, this will show off some of the abilities of this free and more reliable option for your web browser.

In case you need this link...
Get Firefox already, Newbie!


Macho Man... is, uh, back?

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"Macho Man is back! He's blowin' up the spot with his brand new album."


Macho is apparently trying to get his ass kicked, as he's talking loads of smack about the Hulk, and we all know the Hulkster would simply crush Macho's little girly arse - it's a given.

This is hilarious; I don't know what's worse, the fact that I'm posting about it, or the fact that I not only let 'Macho Man Radio' actually LOAD, but I'm letting it PLAY the whole time I'm posting this. I suspect maybe it's time for some
aural palette cleansing.


Care for a game?

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Playing chess against computers sucks - they never make mistakes and generally respond with the same moves. If you're ever in the mood for some human error and inventiveness, try cowplay (complete with chess variations) or queen alice (a cleaner, faster loading interface). Both come highly recommended and only require the obligatory e-mail adress registration process.


flickr - 'portrait'

portrait, originally uploaded by cJw314.

An experiment with vector and raster : more of my photoshop work for your viewing pleasure here.

flickr - 'orb weaver 1'

orb weaver 1, originally uploaded by cJw314.

Gorgeous visitor we had last week. More pics @ my flickr site.


flickr - 'illinois'

illinois, originally uploaded by cJw314.

I moved to KY from Chicago about 3 years ago - amazing coincidence? I think not...